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Started in 2011, Five Brothers Artisan Cheese has grown from a small home-based business to being the sole producer of cheese in Newfoundland and Labrador. With a production facility in the Goulds, we produce a selection of cheeses including our lines of fresh cheeses and aged cheeses. Look for more information on current types under the Products tab.

Five Brothers Artisan Cheese uses 100% Newfoundland milk and prides itself on building relationships with farmers and businesses within Newfoundland. If it wasn’t for farmers, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love and that makes cheese.

Come and follow us on our journey, and remember to grab life by the cheese!

Bergy Bits Cheese Curds – Fresh cheddar cheese curds double milled by hand. The unique melting quality of curds makes them great for poutines and sandwiches. Cheese curds are also a handy snack.
Avalon Cheddar – Cheddared by hand and aged a minimum of 60 days, Avalon is sweet with a mild tang and creamy finish. Enjoy alone, pair with your favourite beer, nuts, or dried fruit, or use in a variety of cooked dishes.
Smokey Avalon Cheddar – Our signature Avalon is lightly smoked over real applewood. A great addition to burgers and barbecued meat, and pairs well with onions, garlic, beer, and other savoury foods.
Secret Gallows – A Five Brothers original cheese is like a flavour laser beam to the mouth. A stretched curd that is hung for three days gives this cheese a concentrated flavour.
Cabato Mozzarella – Cabato is a fresh, creamy hand-stretched mozzarella. Perfect for your Caprese salad; pairs well with fresh or roasted vegetables, cured meats, fruits, and balsamic vinaigrette/reduction.
White Fleet Queso Fresco – A fresh, pressed, milky white cheese popular in Portugal, Spain, and Latin America. Crumble on salads and tacos, pair with olives and roasted peppers, or incorporate into your favourite spicy dish. The semi-firm texture of White Fleet also makes it suitable for grilling and frying.
Logy Bay Jack with Hot Chilies – For those seeking spice in their lives, this cheese is for you. Crafted from an artisanal Monterey Jack recipe, curds are mixed with chilli flakes before pressing for a bold but pleasant heat.
Farm Fresh Cheese w/ NL Cranberries – A fresh, unsalted fluffy cheese with a similar consistency to a Chevre. The cranberries used are from central Newfoundland and really the goes so well with the fresh cheese. This cheese is great for spreading on bagels, toast and crackers.

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