Murray Meadows Farm

Murray Meadows Farm
Owner: Brian Kowalski
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Payment Methods: cash
Pre-Orders Available
Telephone: (709) 689-0775

Murray Meadows Farm began in 2012 when Evan Murray decided to move back to Newfoundland, to his family home & business, Murray’s Garden Centre in Portugal Cove. Brian Kowalski, who started a small scale commercial farm in 2011, quit his job as a political hack and moved with him. The two of them started ploughing and building, and now in 2018 are going into their sixth year of production.

We have been selling to our wonderful customers at the St. John’s Farmer’s Market since we started harvesting in 2013. As well, we sell to a number of excellent restaurants including the farm’s on-site cafe, The Grounds Cafe, Seto, Rocket Bakery, Fixed Coffee and Baking, Raymond’s, Adelaide Oyster House, and more.

Although not certified organic, we strive to use organic and biological interventions when needed and strive to only use inputs and methods that are approved for use on certified organic farms.

Anyone is more than welcome to come visit the farm, please just contact us to arrange a date and time.


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