Fire Hill Farms

Fire Hill Farms
Richelle Porter
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Foxtrot, CBS
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Fire Hill Farms is a family run farm that strives to bring the freshest quality produce to the table of our customer. Fire Hill Farms attends the St. John’s Community Market year round with seasonal produce.
The family works tirelessly in the fields and caters to their customers requests for new varieties of produce. It is a learning experience and pleasure to meet these requests.
Fire Hill Farms currently offer

Potted Herbs
Heritage Carrot (purple, red and yellow)
Potato (red, white and blue)
Turnip (purple and green)
Cabbage (many different varieties)
Brussel Sprouts (purple and green)
Cauliflower (cheddar, purple, Italian and white)
Beet (round, long, gold, candy cane and white)
Onion (red and white)

Any questions can be directed to us by phone, email or by stopping by the Community Market. We are always happy to get to know our customers and share our experiences.

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