The Jam Lady

The Jam Lady
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The Jam Lady – Newfoundland Artisanal Preserves sells hand-crafted secret recipe preserves (all original recipes to the Serendipity Kitchen!)

Classic Products

Screech Marmalade
Jumbleberry Jam (16 local berries)
Spiced Apple Jelly
Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam
Wild Rose Petal Jelly

In-Season Products

Newfoundland Marmalade
Dark Chocolate Marmalade
Wild Blueberry Marmalade
Seville Orange Marmalade
Sour Clementine Marmalade
Ginger Marmalade
Super Citrus Marmalade
Grapefruit Marmalade
Lime Marmalade
Carmelized Pomelo Marmalade
Prosecco Peach Marmalade
Wild Blueberry Jam
Blueberry Zinger
Blueberry Daiquiri (with Screech rum)
Blueberry Chutney
Old Fashioned Strawberry
Strawberry Daiquiri (with Screech rum)
Raspberry Daiquiri (with Screech rum)
Raspberry Zinger
Partridgeberry Jam
Partridgeberry Zinger Jam
Spiced Partridgeberry Jelly
Partridgeberry-Cranberry Jam
Newfoundland Fog (partridgeberry/cranberry sauce)
Partridgeberry Chutney
Rhubarb Jam
Rhubarb Chutney
Spiked Rhubarb Chutney (with Screech rum)
Screech Chutney
Mango Tango Chutney
Spiced Mango Chutney
Granny Smith apple chutney
Early Newfoundland Chutney (with dandelion)
Rainbow Pepper Jelly
Hot Red Pepper Jelly
Jalapeno Pepper Jelly
Gold Pepper Jelly
Gooseberry Jam
Rosehip Jelly
Rosehip Syrup
Dandelion Honey (vegan)
Blackcurrant jam
Bakeapple/Cloudberry Jam
Wild Blackberry Jam
Bumbleberry Jam
Red Currant Jam
Squashberry (no sugar, stevia)

  • The Jam Lady
  • The Jam Lady


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